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Vacancy for veterinarians in de Dutch pharmaceutical sector (research and lab)

If doing research and working in a lab suits you perfectly, you can have a great time in the Netherlands. We are looking for veterinarians for laboratories and veterinary research for several clients. From universities to pharmaceutical companies.

About the job

You will work in a medicine laboratory or at a Dutch university. There is a lot of focus on human and animal health, as well as on issues such as zoonosis. Sometimes there is more focus on research into diseases and sometimes more on the development of medicines.

A job offer that fits your ambitions

To make the possibilities more concrete, it is a good idea to talk to our consultants. They will help you to get in the right direction. Why via Vetwork? Vetwork supports you throughout the whole process: from the first meeting to the first day of work in the Netherlands. But even after that, you can count on our coaching and help. We support you in finding a house. About the Dutch language Most clinics do not require you to have a command of the Dutch language. However, it can help you speak the Dutch language in your social life. Your employer usually gives you time during working hours to learn the language.

Apply directly Send an email to

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