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The Full Story

Are you that up-and-coming veterinary talent? Or just that leader with practical experience?

Specialist in vacancies for the veterinary industry

About vetwork

Vetwork is a growing veterinary employment agency. Our team consists of specialists in the field of recruitment and temporary employment, as well as veterinarians and para-veterinarians.

About us

We match people in the veterinary industry


Are you a veterinarian looking for a nice workplace, temporary or permanent? Vetwork has an up-to-date database with open vacancies and is happy to look for the most suitable position for you.

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A real match

We think it is important that you find a workplace that really suits you. With people around you who know your ambitions and who support you. 'Sustainable placement' means to us that we find a place for you where you can work for a longer period of time. A place where you can grow. And be yourself.

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